They let us into Canada

Kamouraska, Quebec: 47.56640° N, 69.86626° W

Kevin just pulled off the first good spot we could find after miles of traversing a narrow winding road with eroded edges and potholes so I could make dinner while he and Chip took a little nap. The last couple of hours have been rough—literally. We were rerouted off the highway by our snazzy trucker GPS which we bought specifically to keep us from going under low bridges, unnavigable sharp turns, and roads that aren’t passable for our 33-foot RV.

We had a late start after several issues prevented us from leaving. Kevin took the RV to get inspected but it did not pass and he called me to pick him up. There was a coolant leak that needed to be repaired. Luckily, they were able to fit us in and get it done in 24-hours. The waterline was leaking, the fridge stopped working, and it kept raining so we couldn’t attach the Starlink. Then, just as we were about to leave, all the power cut off. After an hour of testing circuits and troubleshooting, we realized there’s a kill switch to the power by the door. Oof.

Last night we stayed in a Rapid Brook Campground in Grand Rapids, New Brunswick not far from the border. Danny made fast friends with two boys his age. Danny just happened to bring his pogo stick along, and much to our amusement—they both had pogo sticks. There was a heated outdoor pool and the campground was in a circle-shape. We stayed longer than expected so they could hang out. He asked the boys if they knew where Maine was—which of course they did, it was only a half-hour drive to the border. They spoke French as their first language which Danny found astonishing. If that was a culture-shock, I can’t wait to see what he thinks of the remaining 1/6th of the circumference of the world we are driving through in the next week.

Chip is having a hard time adjusting to the bouncing, rocking, creaking and banging that goes along with something so big bumbling along the roadways. To make matters worse, he can’t perch in his customary spot, on Kevin’s shoulder. Danny has been doing a great job holding him in his lap while he works on a slideshow of his most recent canoe trip, watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, and keeping track of our route on his paper map (between devouring fudgesicles). The poor little dude has had a cold and has woken us up coughing, which is what happened when his father dropped him off in Long Island to join us in Shinnecock Inlet on the boat.

The Starlink is working wonderfully. When I used Messenger video earlier to call Kevin’s brother it came in better than at Base Camp. Kevin is off work for another week while we drive through Canada. He set up a desk, an office chair that he removed the wheels from, and a dual monitor setup.

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