Before the boat

May 19, 2023

Hi, I’m Mandy. My husband, Kevin, and I are from Maine, a state in the far northeastern tip of the US. We married five years ago next to our little farm pond. We have had a homestead with various animals over the years. In addition to our fancy breed chickens we are well known for, we’ve had; quail, pigs, turkeys, ducks, rabbits, geese, and dairy goats.

  • mandy wheaton in bucksport maine at wheaton mountain farm with a chicken beside a bonfire. a tractor is in the background.

We live on a little mountain in Bucksport, Maine. About a month ago we decided to make a drastic change to sell everything, buy a boat to live on, and live where the wind blows us. Let’s just say a lot of people were, and still are, concerned. We are good at stuff. Lots of stuff. We don’t argue, work wonderfully together, and find the humor in even the shittiest of situations.

So, I bought some books about fish and seaweed cuisine. How hard can it be?