We own a boat!

Bluewater Safe Harbor, Hampton, VA. Day one at dock, day nine in Hampton.

I woke up to Kevin plopping on the bed announcing that we officially own a boat and giving me a big kiss. I immediately called his mother, as promised—and woke her up too. It was 10:30AM by then. I’d slept in after a long night of tossing and turning. 

With checkout looming at 11AM, I zipped around the hotel suite and crammed what little we brought with us and our groceries into bags while Kevin got paperwork in order and showered. 

The hotel elevator broke. Kevin was nearly trapped in it—we took the stairs the second trip down. After hopping in the car, Kevin realized he left the paperwork we needed on the counter after having already returned the keycard. He hurried back up. 

I hadn’t seen him that excited since he drove our last tractor home. He’d painstakingly rebuilt the engine with his father last year not long before before he passed. 

We picked the keys up at the Marina after showing proof of ownership with the paperwork we nearly left behind at the hotel. We boarded for the first time as our own vessel and unlocked the door—to find it jammed. It took some serious persuasion before it slid open. 

It is hot here, in the 90’s with ridiculous humidity. Before unloading the car and getting situated in our new home, we had lunch at the marina restaurant to escape the heat. Chip was left behind on the boat alone for the first time. I hated to do it, but it would have to happen eventually. 

When we got back he was a whining, shaking, panting mess. Poor little dude. It probably didn’t help that two men from the boatyard were waiting on the dog talking to him through the window. They were there to go over lettering and discuss installing electronics. I’d beat them to the lettering already, having ordered it yesterday from a local print shop. We had picked it up on the way over this morning.

They obviously had no interest in speaking with me. I invited them on board to look over what we already had installed. They said they’d wait for my husband. I played nice and handed one of them my leftovers from lunch to hold while I hopped onboard from the dock. At least they were good for something. 

After looking things over they told us they didn’t specialize in sailboats because their staff were all too fat to instal anything on the top of the mast—seriously. They recommended we sail to Annapolis where they specialize in sailboats to have new electronics installed. Hopefully they are thinner there. 

Kevin hauled a few cart fulls of our stuff up the dock from the car and I put them away. We were drenched with sweat and took a minute to cool off. I laid on the trampoline as a thunderstorm brewed. I was thankful for the cool droplets, but left as it turned into a sideways torrent. 

Shortly after, Kevin left to sell the car to a dealership. They lowballed him big time, so we gave Carmax another try. That’s where he is now. Once the car is gone, the fuel tanks are topped, and we purchase the last of our supplies, we’re out of here. 

This whole deal has been a true fiasco. But here we are, finally. Here’s to adventure!

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7 Comments on “We own a boat!

  1. We wish you all the best of luck on your new grand adventures!!! We can’t wait to follow your journey!

    Much love ❤️ Randy and Katrina

  2. I am only a few years behind you. Going to do this same thing. Hope you document this journey for a while. What an amazing life you both have.

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