Storm puts a wrinkle in the travel plan

Although the weather here in Cape May, NJ looks decent, the storm I’ve been watching tracking toward Cape Cod, MA is forecasted to hit sooner than expected. Gusts of 37MPH aren’t anything to fool around with. With little for protected anchorages between here and there due to low bridges and a shallow shorelines—we have agreed to stay here in Cape May at South Jersey Marina another day, and move north as the storm passes and as forecasted. By tomorrow morning we should know more.

The places where we could anchor in Boston and New York are close to massive commercial shipping ports with around-the-clock heavy traffic. I doubt we would get any solid rest to be fresh to continue our journey.

Today I plan to look into what’s up with draw bridges, where they are located and if they have specific schedules. I’ll be making a list of anchorages before and after these busy ports I’m a little nervous about. That way, depending on the ever evolving weather patterns and how tired we are, there will be a quick reference sheet of where we can safely anchor in for a night. Rounding Cape Cod after the storm brings us into great weather over the weekend.

I have always been fascinated with the weather—but this is a whole new level, because our safety depends on it. Having radar and sonar on board will be a game changer. I’ve had a hard time finding marinas that aren’t booked out. Yet another thing for the Mandy-do list.

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