Who invited the duck?

Day six in Hampton, VA. We have been here long enough that the resident duck has made friends with us. He is substantially larger than Chip. A large pond out back is lined with turtles, styrofoam cups, and water bottles. I’ve seen a few fish jump. Probably trying to escape.

There have been no changes in our circumstances. We have filled out paperwork on both sides, but it won’t be on anyone’s desk until Monday. I feel defeated. I’ve had a slight headache for two days. I even bombed my first quiz in the Google UX Designer course I’m taking.

We decided to venture out and shop for groceries and goods for the boat yesterday. We tried Whole Foods thinking there might be bulk dry goods, but they were expensive and their selection wasn’t what I was hoping for. It was a yuppy version of Hannaford. Then we tried Game’s Farmers Market which had a ton of goods but in small packages. The only things that were really a deal were their spices.

Before we left I’d ordered books about preparing fish and seaweeds with extensive butchering guide and recipes. Game’s Farmers Market had a decent variety of many of the spices called for.

After that we hit a Walmart Neighborhood Market. Apparently it’s a fancy name for a Walmart that sells just groceries. We were able to bring Chip in without anyone side-eyeing so we could take our time. We didn’t find quinoa in any of the stores.

Yolo comes with kitchenware and linens, so we really just need food, toiletries and a few cleaning supplies. We drove down with only two backpacks and a duffel bag. When we left last week we were under the impression Yolo would be well on her way to Maine by now. She hasn’t even left the dock.

Kevin did some shopping for fishing supplies while I stayed in the room last night. He also picked up a scaler for me to prep fish with. Kevin suggested we should do something fun today.

There’s a Nasa museum, but space travel disgusts me. We should be using that monumental funding for Earthly issues nut hurdling our natural resources into space. There’s early American settlers sites, but European colonization of Native Americans disgusts me more. Virginia beach is at peak season. Between the crowds and that they likely don’t allow dogs, that’s out too.

Call me Negative Nancy if you want. I kind of am today. At this point I don’t feel like going anywhere or seeing other humans. The only thing that could lure me out is a decent coffee. The duck is okay though.

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